Package #1
Package #2
1. This is a general information package priced at $1000.00 each. Included with this package you will receive a detailed map with some game locations and trails. We will also offer you contact information for local vendors and rooms if that is what you need. We will point out primitive camp sites and distances to where the game are. With this package you will receive a general map of an area where we have seen game. We will provide local vendor information for you if you request it. We want you to know this is just an informational package and in no way is any guarantee that you will be successful in bagging your game. We are giving you the best possible chance to find the game you are hunting and it is up to you to bring them home.

2. This package will set you apart from the crowd. with this package we will provide in depth research of your area that may include photos, gps coordinates, game trails, feeding and bedding areas. We will still provide local vendor information at your request. with this package you will be given

up to date information as to where we have seen game in your area. This package starts at $2000.00. depending on how much research you want us to do for you the price may go up a bit.

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